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Custom Order - HYMC

Custom Order - HYMC

Regular price $865.00

Wholesale Order - October 2018


Bandana Bibs: 55 @ $7ea = $385

Regular Bibs: 39 @ $7ea = $273

Burp Cloths: 23 @ $9ea = $207


TOTAL = $865




**Notes: I cut what I had enough of lovely, so we're down on number from original order. If you’d like to add any others, just let me know.

There are a few fabrics which these ones will be the last ones as there’s none left. They are;

llamas, Hedgehogs, Blue Arrows, Teepee, Grey Deer & Sail Boats.

I also don’t have any more fox head fabric.


I’ll keep an eye out for any new cute prints for future orders.


Thank-you so much hun x